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The first step in buying a new car is setting your budget. You’ll be driving your new baby for years to come, so you need to consider your current and future expenses when calculating your budget. If you plan on getting vehicle finance, use our online finance calculator to help work out what you can afford and what your estimated monthly instalments will be.

Calculate an estimated monthly repayment to suit your budget by adjusting the sliders to the left or right.
Enter a vehicle price (R) here to get started:
Deposit Amount
Interest Rate
Payment Terms
Balloon Payment
At the end of the payment term, you’ll owe R0 plus interest
* All calculations, rates and payments shown are GUIDELINES ONLY and are not quotations. Final rates and payments can only be determined by your Finance House once they have assessed all your information (completed in a finance application form). The default interest rate used in the calculator is set at prime plus 2%. By using this calculator, you hereby INDEMNIFY Amasondo Motors, its holding, associated or partner companies against any loss or liability which you may suffer as a result of using the calculator. All information provided to you on this website is for illustrative purposes only and may not be considered to be ADVICE.
Estimated Monthly Repayments*
Not included in the calculation:
Once- off Initiation Fee
R1 207.50 incl. VAT
Monthly service fee
R 69.00 incl. VAT
On the Road Charges
R 7 000.00 incl. VAT
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